New Leaves’ Eyes album in 2015!


Dear Fans & Friends, good news from Mastersound Studio! We are in the midst of recording Leaves’ Eyes new full-length album. The album’s concept is rooted in a highly important chapter in the history of Norway. The sagas of Norway’s kings and the middle-ages has always been of great interest to me and it’s such a pleasure to compose and record this huge soundtrack with my dream team here at Mastersound Studio. Thanx to my guys for these enchanting tunes and killer production! The album will be released in the second half of 2015. More news will follow soon! Love,  more…




Dear Fans & Friends, Latin America, are you ready to travel with the Vikings!? We are more than happy to announce the update of the LEAVES’ EYES Latin America tour together with ATROCITY in May 2015 including more dates and countries on the touring schedule! The countries confirmed so far are Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay. Stay tuned for upcoming news concerning further destinations! We can’t wait to see you all there – this will be a fantastic live experience! The setlist will include earlier pearls as well as brand new tracks and  more…


New video interview from NYC online!

Enjoy this awesome video interview filmed backstage at The Gramercy Theatre, New York City. Liv and Alex are talking about their personal and musical history, cultural differences and much more. Thanks to Bill Zebub.



Enjoy HYDRAs song CCC (Swath of Destruction) featuring LIV KRISTINE, taken from their upcoming CD ‘Malachite Skies’.


Interview on HeadbangersLatinoAmerica.com!

New interview online on HeadbangersLatinoAmerica.com! ENTREVISTA CON LIV KRISTINE, PREVIO A LA GIRA LATINOAMERICANA 2015 DE LEAVES EYES! | HEADBANGERS… www.headbangerslatinoamerica.com En el marco d ela esperada gira latinoamericana 2015 en conjunto de las bandas alemanas Leaves Eyes y Atrocity, conversamos con la emblematica cantante y compositora Liv Kristine, quien nos habla a cerca de los detalles del ultimo album…

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